Spectrum 11


The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner.
Published by Underwood Books.


Unpublished :
Gold : Silver :
The Forgotten Mountain by Raymond Swanland Bagan by Patrick Arrasmith

The Prophet
by Keith Thompson

by Scala

Late Nite Visitors
by E.M. Gist

The Prophet


Late Nite Visitors

© Keith Thompson. All rights reserved.

© Eric Scala. All rights reserved.

© E.M. Gist.All rights reserved.

Nominees (Part I) :
- Womb by Anita Kunz
- F/02 by Fabrice Lavollay
- Magie 1 by Fabrice Lavollay
- Triplets by Anita Kunz
- Expecting by Kip Omolade
- Untitled by Richard Raney
- Untitled by Huey Nguyen
- The Amazing White Elephant by Richard Raney
- Image Junkie by Dave Seeley
- Bifrost by Scala
- Mecasaurio by Raul Cruz
- Trouble in Ortenville by John Berkey
- Moving Forward by John Berkey
- Fluffy by Omar Rayyan
- Rune by Robert E. Mankowski Jr.
- Death by Peter Sakievich
- The Horny Duchess by Omar Rayyan
- Thwack-Thwack-Thwack by Steve Pilcher
- Tractor Jacking by Denis Allain
- Not so Superman by Joe Kovach.
- Midsummer's Night by Marc A. Fishman
- Coming Home by Eric Boden
- Late Nite Visitors by E.M. Gist

- To Chain the Beast by Justin Gerard

The Coldest Day
by Christopher J. Anderson

by Christian Alzmann

by Christian Alzmann

The Coldest Day



© Christopher J. Anderson. All rights reserved.

© Christian Alzmann. All rights reserved.

© Christian Alzmann. All rights reserved.

Nominees (Part II) :
- The Coldest Day by Christopher J. Anderson
- Spring
Christophe Vacher
- A Legend called Steel-bashow 1 by
Petar Meseldzija
- Portrait of Claire by
Kinuko Y. Craft
- Remembrance by
Petar Meseldzija
- Bond by Christian Alzmann
- The Scaffold by Steve Kenny
- Bag of Tricks by Rob Johnson
- Stationed by Christian Alzmann
- Hunger Pains by Jasmine Becker-Griffith
- The Commander by Hich Henriquez
- Arrival by Jun-ichi Fujikawa
- Phil the Mechanic by Michelle Spalding
- Orlando Furioso Canto 6 by Gaetan & Paul Brizzi
- Untitled by Hunter Brown
- Orlando Furioso Canto 33 by Gaetan & Paul Brizz
- Orlando Furioso Canto 42 by Gaetan & Paul Brizz
- The Witches by August Hall
- The Dance by August Hal
- The River by August Hal
- Somnio 1 by Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg

To Live for Ever Watching Cartoons
by Mike Sosnowski

by Josť Roosevelt

Wizard's Vale
by Charles Frizzell

To Live for Ever Watching Cartoons


Wizard's Vale

© Mike Sosnowski. All rights reserved.

© Josť Roosevelt. All right reserved

© Charles Frizzell. All rights reserved.

Nominees (Part III) :
- Chicken Noir: Counterfeit Cluckers by Travis A. Louie
- Pin Up by Amanda M. Sartor

- To Live Forever Watching Cartoons by Mike Sosnowski
- Falco Luciferus by Vince Natale
- Texas by Scott Anderson
- Beasts of Burden by Eric Deschamps
- Desert Queen by Jennifer Crampton
- Beginner by Ezra Tucker

- Excuse me by Dan Santat
- Refueling by Ted Terranova
- Moto-Stride Ambush by Aaron McBride
- La Mosca (The Fly) by Brad Weinman
- Nocturna 2 by Miles Teves
- Artemis by Steve Pilcher
- Avonne by Stephen Hickman
- Pandora by Josť Roosevelt
- War in Middle-Earth by
John Howe

- Gurdians of the Horizon by Richard Hescox
- In my Father's House by Raoul Vitale
- The Offering by Coro
- Fragmented Homemaker by David Bowers
- KD: Lucky Sign by Mark A. Nelson

Fire Without Warmth
by Ken Wong

Awakening Leviathan
by Richard Sardinha

The Commander
by Ilich Henriquez

Fire Without Warmth

Awakening Leviathan

The Commander

© Ken Wong. All rights reserved.

© Richard Sardinha. All right reserved

© Ilich Henriquez. All right reserved

Nominees (Part IV) :
- Untitled by Coro
- One Step Closer by David Ho

- The Prophet by Keith Thompson
- The Revenant by Socar Myles
- Vanitas No 39 by Viktor Koen
- Chaosmos by Naoto Hattori

- Untitled by Elio Guevara
- Chapel at the Down byJames S. Cole

- The Third Body by David Christiana
- Awakening Leviathan by
David Sardinha
- Wizard's Vale by Charles Frizzell
- Spider-Man 2 by
Greg Horn
- Gun for a Dinosaur by Bob Eggleton
- Egyptians Cats by Jeff Spackman

- Sleeping Woman by Raul Colon
- Yoshiko San by Jay Epperson
- Untitled by Danielle Bedics

- E2: Ing-Yang by Mark A. Nelson
- Venus and the Rabbits by David Bowers
- The Glade by Steven Kenny
- ACME Extermination by
David Sardinha
- Fire Without Warmth by Ken Wong

- Jade by Craig Elliot
- Life and Death by Hunter Brown
- The Three Bugs Berry by Darrel Anderson
- Aeronauticus by Beric Henderson
- Riding the Storm Out by Don Maitz
- Green Cloak by Montgomery S. Kane
- Akelarre by Angel Dominguez
- Amblyopia by Dan L. Henderson

- Vampire by Scott Lewis
- The Queen by Arthur Adams
- Peppermint Lady by Burton

- Westward Salamandropold! by Ben Blatt
- Manihii by Melissa Ferreira


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