Spectrum 11


The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner.
Published by Underwood Books.


Comics :
Gold : Silver :
Para 2 by Stephan Martiniere Barman : Urban Legend by Phil Hale

Frankenstein Mobster # 0
by Mark Wheatley

Monkey Trouble
by Erik Siador

Grave Danger
by E.M. Gist

Frankenstein Mobster # 0

Monkey Trouble

Grave Danger

and ™ Mark Wheatley.All rights reserved.

Erik Siador.All rights reserved.

E.M. Gist.All rights reserved.

Nominees :
- Ssmile...Frazer Irving
- Buffy # 61 : A Stake to the Heart by Brian Horton
- Frankenstein Mobster #0 by Mark Wheatley
- Hellboy at the Mountains of Madness by William Stout
- Jen's Revenge by Franck Cho
- Vampirella by Mark Texeira
- H-E-R-O # 8 by John Van Fleet
- El Zombo by Francis Tsai
- American Century # 26 by Glen Orbik
- Spiral Dreams 3 by A. Davidson
- Saved by
Cathy Wilkins

- Lucifer # 43 by Christopher Moeller
- Grave Danger by E.M. Gist
- Lobo Unbound # 1 by
Alex Horley-Orlandelli
- Freaks of the Heartland # 1 by Greg Ruth
- Orbiter by Colleen Doran
- Monkey Trouble by Erik Siador
- The Wanderer by Raymond Swanland
- Self-Estrangement by Michael Kaluta
- The Fallen Vol. 2 by David Rankin

- Sacrifice by Raymond Swanland
- Buffy # 60 : A Stake to the Heart by Brian Horton
- Monkey Man and O'Brien Go Diving by Arthur Adams
- Poison Ivy : Cast Shadows by John Van Fleet


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