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The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner.
Published by Underwood Books.

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The Warlord

by William Basso

The Warlord
© William Basso. All rights reserved.

Spectrum 12 available in October !

In Spectrum 11, discover the fabulous work of :

Cover by David Bowers

Caniglia,  Echo Chernik, Larry Moore, Michael J. Deas, Fiedler, Roxana Villa, Gris Grimly & Cos Koniotis
in the Book category

Mark Wheatley, Erik Siador & E.M. Gist
in the Comic category

Thomas S. Kuebler (Gold award's winner) & Angela Giovanna Loroux in the Dimendional category

Todd Schorr (Gold award's winner), Chris Spollen, Andrew Bawidamann, Joe Chiodo, Ken Wong & Shaun Ye Zhonqyi
in the Institutional category

Scala, E.M. Gist, Christopher J. Anderson, Christian Alzmann, Mike Sosnowski, Keith Thompson, Josť Roosevelt & Ken Wong
in the Unpublished categories

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