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The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner.
Published by Underwood Books.

Award's Winners




Front cover painting
by Christophe Vacher

Back cover painting

by Raymond Swanland

Award's Winners :

Grand Master Award :
Michael William Kaluta
Advertising :
Gold Silver Snail by Dave McKean
- Silver Star Wars Galaxies by
Donato Giancola
Book :
Gold A Circle of Cats by Charles Vess
- Silver Sleeping Beauty by
Kinuko Y. Kraft
Comics :
Gold Hunter # 16 by
Jon Foster
- Silver Lucifer # 18 by
Christopher Moeller
Dimensional :
Gold Greetings ans Salutations from the Planet Grap by Lawrence Northey
- Silver The Warlord by William Basso
Editorial :
Gold T. Rex Drinking by James Gurney
- Silver Turtle Race Day by Omar Rayyan

Institutional :
Gold Call for Entries by Peter de Sève
- Silver Iron Maiden Day by Eric Bowman
Unpublished :
Gold The Last Tinman by Eric Joyner
- Silver The Dawn of the Day by
Petar Meseldzija

Greetings and Salutations from ...

by Lawrence Northey
Gold award  in category Dimensional

Greetings ans Salutations from the Planet Grap

© Lawrence Northey. All rights reserved.

The Last Tinman

by Eric Joyner
Gold award  in category Unpublished

The Last Tinman

© Eric Joyner. All rights reserved.


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