Spectrum 6

Edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner.
Published by Underwood Books.

The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art






Front cover painting
by Jim Burns

Back cover painting

by Scott Gustafson.

Vainqueurs du prix

Bandes Déssinées
Produits Dérivés
Oeuvres commerciales
Oeuvres non publiées

SPECTRUM 6:The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
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Les Vainqueurs


Marc Sasso
(Category Institutional)

Allartwork owned and copyrighted by Marc Sasso and his clients, no image may be used or reproduced without permission.

Grand Master Award :
- John Berkey
Advertising :
- Gold T-Rex Terror by Jerry Lofaro
- Silver Spawn Annual by Ashley Wood
Book :
- Gold The Rabbits: They came by Water by Shaun Tam
- Silver Savage Tales of Salomon Kane by Gary Gianni
Comics :
- Gold The Comic Zone! by Dave DeVries
- Silver Cages by Dave McKean
Dimensional :
- Gold Spaceman Troy by Lawrence Northey
- Silver Pearl by Miles Teves
Editorial :
- Gold State of Disorder by Gary Kelley
- Silver Earth to Universe: Do you read by Donato Giancola
Institutional :
- Gold Cantina Informacion by Eric Bowman Lord of the Rings Collectibles
- Silver Oddworld Inhabitants by Oddworld Inhabitants
Unpublished :
- Gold Pharazar by Stephen Hickman
- Silver Blurburn by Patrick Arrasmith

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