Copyright and Courtesy

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~ A lot of authors autorize the use of their artwork, free,on personal and non-commercial web pages. This liberality doesn't exonerate from the respect of the author's rights (copyright). The artists are professionnals more often than not and their works are their livelihood. The number of picture, which you are displayed, had to be sparingly. They have their own personal or commercial web sites.

So ...
Ask the permission by e-mail before the use of their artworks if requested.
~ Don't link the image directly to the author site.
~ Don't modify the images, only size can be change.
~ Insert the author's copyright for each image.
~ Include the artwork's title, if knowing.
~ Insert a link to author's site .
~ Email with the URL of the page where the images are being in use.

~ Don't forget to read the legal mentions on the site of the author. They had to be respected.

"Yes, madame... I have asked for permission !"

Armed and Dangerous
© Clyde Caldwell. All rights reserved.

In the galeries of this site, you can find a honnest presentation of the works of others.
Thanks to them.



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