Spectrum 7


The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art

Edited by Cathy & Arnie Fenner.
Published by Underwood Books.


Our Vote
Space Daggers
by Jean-Marc Laroche

Space Daggers
Jean-Marc Laroche. All rights reserved.


Gold :
- Chess Set by Sharon Matsumoto
Silver :
- The Dark One by Greg Polutanovitch
Nominees :
- H.P. Lovecraft by Stephen Hickman
- Bonded Marble by Gregory S Smith
- Legion by Joel Harlow
- Dracula by Henry Alvarez
- Kabuki by Clayburn Moore
- F.A.K.K.2 Julie by Clayburn Moore
- Crimson Plague by Joy Snyder
- Frazetta's Barbarian by Clayburn Moore
- The Queen's Entourage by Lawrence Northey
- Ancestor Mask by Daniel L. Hawkins
- Queen Mab and her Faeries by James C. Christensen

- Rhinoman by Steven Lawrence

The Dark One
by Greg Polutanovich

The Dark One
Greg Polutanovich. All rights reserved.

Greg Polutanovich website

- Crisis on Infinite Earth by Tim Holter Bruckner
- Batman by William Paquet
- Major Marjorie by Tim Holter Bruckner
- The Wizard of Dragons by Jeff Peterson
- Captain Hook by Fernando Favila
- Draq by Greg Polutanovitch
- Captain Nemo by Jack Hood
- Golden Age Superman by Joseph DeVito
- Transmetropolitan by William Paquet

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